Ode to a Spider

I really don’t want to harm you.
I’ve heard about Charlotte’s Web.
But the stalls are no place to gather your wealth.
The barn wasn’t built for you.

It’s home to three gaiting horses;
And although they never complain,
I’m annoyed by you, your family and friends,
All cozy in lacy homes.

You’re a creature of God, I’m told;
But I wonder - really, I do!
If the devil himself has sent you here,
To invade this wholesome barn.

So my broom sweeps away your empire.
I’m sorry you toiled so to build it.
Go! to the trees, the woods, and the fields.
I won’t pursue you there.

You won’t miss the lowly barn flies –
A wealth of mosquitos you’ll find.
And the sun will make your fair webs
Glitter and gleam like diamonds.
Judith B. Landry 2007

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